Audience Align


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mike Wagner

My approach to bidding, fielding, supplying, and real-time qualifying, is unlike anything in the industry right now.






AudienceAlign offers the highest of standards in quantitative fieldwork, both from a service and sample quality standpoint. It doesn’t matter the target, we will find it, field it, and deliver it for you on time and within budget!

Industry Veteran of 15 Years

Experience in Project Management, Panel Recruitment, Quality Assurance, Bid Management, Outside Sales, Business Development, and Team Management.

Mike’s processes and practices have been refined and perfected over the years to form a system that is tried and true for all his employees, clients, and partners.

He has strong relationships with industry leaders and fellow panel company owners

Pricing & Feasibility Expert

Chandeep Singh

Director of Operations

Chandeep has acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge! He is a dedicated individual with a strong work ethic. But, his commitment to work comes second only to mastering his comedic timing. With an ability to make people feel at ease with his strong sense of humor, you can always be sure that you’ll never have a dull moment with him. Outside of work, you can catch him lifting weights or getting inked when the inspiration strikes!


Director of Accounts

With 13 years of experience in the industry, Konark brings a wealth of expertise to the Audience Align team. His extensive background includes roles in sales, business development, sampling, project management, vendor management, training, and mentoring, giving him a comprehensive perspective on research. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Konark is a dedicated family man who also has a passion for cricket, watching stand-up comedy, and listening to classic music.

Vivek Kumar

Senior Project Manager

Vivek is a self-driven & reliable individual whose experience in different domains, client communication and complex project management has allowed him to quickly transform into a valuable asset to this team. He is an open-minded and honest person who is always willing to share his wealth of knowledge with his colleagues. He is jovial and tries to be fair in everything he does. His little joys in life come from cycling, travelling, or honing in his calligraphy skills.


Senior Project Manager

Shubashish has varied industry experience with valuable insights into optimal utilization of resources, as well as defining, developing and implementing strategic initiatives. With his industry know-how and reactive approach to projects, he fits in nicely with the Audience Align team. He is a pillar of support for his juniors and is always ready to impart his wisdom and lend a hand. Outside of work, he finds joy in spending time with his family and close friends, and taking his bike for a spin in the streets.

Anushka Goyal

Project Manager

Within just one week of joining, Anushka had already proven to us that we had made the right choice in hiring her! She is a very intelligent and inspiring young woman, with an eagerness to learn. We noticed her talent very early on and decided to train her in all aspects of the business. When she is not buried deep in her laptop for work, she can be found buried deep in her books, trying to live a thousand lives all in one.

Ankit Sajwan

Project Manager

Ankit has become an invaluable part of the team and he shares our passion to take AA to new heights. His laid-back nature makes him easy to approach and he is always ready to lend a helping hand. Outside of work, he can be seen reading novels, enjoying the company of his pet dog or simply cycling outside to feel one with the nature.


Associate Project Manager

Abhishek is a dynamic and accomplished individual known for his passion and dedication in various aspects of life. His insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge have led him to continuously seek new challenges and opportunities for growth. He is recognized for his contributions to the Team and we are very happy to have him.